Objectives and Goals  

  • The main Objective of this project is to connect all the Regional Offices location within Gelephu Region to GT-WAN which would be ultimately connected to Government Network (aka GovNET) / Government Data Center for better and reliable public service delivery via the Information Communication & Technology Infrastructure. 
  • Such initiatives are carried out to avoid any duplication of services and to minimize the overall cost of operation and maintenance for Internet as well as the Regional Network at Gelephu (GT-WAN).
  • Established a dedicated high speed and secure intranet infrastructure.
  • Enable fast public service delivery.
  • Build confidence and security in the use of ICT.
  • To build an enterprise network infrastructure for Gelephu Thromde.
  • Can have direct access to G2C,G2G and G2B services hosted in GDC over secured P2P connection.
  • To build high speed connectivity from Thromde to regional offices.
  • To establish centralized internet connectivity in Gelephu Thromde
  • Cheaper internet subscription
  • Enhanced network and system security
  • Easy maintenance
  • Centralized ICT Support and HR.


Agencies Connected Under GT-WAN

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