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Addendum for NIT for Construction of road, footpaths & drains (GT/IDD-30/2017-2018/2771, dated 15/09/2017)

Posted on: October 2, 2017

This is an addendum issued with reference to the NIT no. GT/IDD-30/2017-2018/2771, dated 15/09/2017 for the work of “construction of Roads including ring road with roadside footpaths and drains” whose estimated amount is Nu.69,079,779.08.
In the bill of quantity serial No.05,06 & 07, the quantity of work should be 47000 sq.m instead of 4700 sq.m as reflected in the B.O.Q.

This addendum shall form a part of bidding documents.

Addendum for NIT for Construction of storm water drain at LAP-I